Saturday, October 12, 2013

It looks like we might be switching docs again...

Things have been building up to this for months.  My wife's current psychiatrist has been going back to the same medications that have not been working well for months now.  He has increased one medication to more than the maximum dosage for someone her weight and now he says that he does not want to change anything(even though it is not helping). He prescribed a new medication that is not working at all so now after two months and finally being told over and over that her insurance will not cover it he is still saying that he does not want to change anything. Thank God the only thing that is working is her mood stabilizers so she does not get fully manic and crash to her catatonic state.  So Wednesday we have an intake appointment to switch to a new doctor. She has been close to where she would need to go back in to the hospital for a couple of months now.  She has already been in the hospital 4 times so far this year, and each stay has been for about a month at a time. I hope that we can get something figured out soon, I know her insurance company has been saying that the next time she has to go in the hospital they will only cover a longer term stay at our state hospital.  Which that idea is very scary to her, and makes her almost instantly get manic and hysterical which increases her paranoia and delusions.  We only have two atypical anti-psychotic medication left to try so I hope we can get something to work soon.  Please feel free to let me know if you have any advice for us.

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