Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cherish the good days...

This is just my two cents to anyone who is a caregiver for someone with a serious mental illness. Cherish and enjoy the good days when your friend or loved one is doing well. You just never know when things will change and they can change very rapidly. As anyone who is close to someone with bipolar or a Schizophrenic disorder knows all to well. Embrace those days when the bright sunshine pierces through the dark clouds.  Drink in those moments, and be sure to create lasting memories whenever you get the chance. Then those days when the dark clouds billow in, hunker down and weather the storm. This is when you will have to hold on tight to those bright days full of sunshine and happiness. Be sure to never give up and pray continuously for the quick return of those days full of hope and warmth. Most of all even though the depths of the storm seem to swallow up your life and your loved one, when things are at their darkest never let love and compassion be absent in your home and your heart!

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